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Winches for Boats

At the Winch Shop we specialise in Boat Trailer Security Winches.

All the Winches for Boat Trailer Security are:
1) Simple to Use
Push the strap guide in lower position and pull off the strap... Hitch the boat up. After the tension of the strap* … the boat is automatically secured.
2) Constantly Secure
The winch holds the boat… you can unhand the handle.
3) Comfortable to Use
2 speeds to reduce the effort. During pulling operation the winch holds the boat even without action on handle. Up winding without load 10 times faster.

Winch TS series: An easy to use safety winch

  • Winch delivered complete with strap and hook
  • Colour code indicates strap pulling capacity
  • Galvanized steel and plastic carter
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